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Shelise Gieseke


I am a Korean adoptee who was raised on a farm in Southern Minnesota. I was raised as child #3 out of 4 (I am the only adoptee), but have strong first-child tendencies.  I love sauerkraut, know how to line dance and have (unintentionally) destroyed a tractor.

I started exploring my adoption experience in my late-20s after expending huge amounts of energy trying to avoid and deny the impact being a transracial adoptee has had on my life; past, present and future.

To me, part of being a transracial adoptee (not in reunion), means there are many pieces to my identity.  Writing is a way for me to give attention to those pieces I’ve neglected, remind me of the pieces I already know and figure out how to fuse them all together, and live as a whole person who embraces all of herself.

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