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Nisha Grayson

A young Indian woman by the name of Amruta gave birth to her first daughter in Goa, India. Due to her young age and other unknown factors, Amruta was blessed and given the rare opportunity to give up her personal rights as a mother and relinquish Nisha for adoption.

About six months later, Nisha was adopted into an American family from Idaho. Randall and Stephanie Grayson were a young married couple with a seven year old biological daughter named Randa. After a couple of years of consistently following the strict guidelines, they received a baby picture of Nisha with a note stating that they will be welcoming their new baby girl to their family soon.

While growing up, Nisha played sports, took dance lessons, played some instruments, and attended school up until she graduated from San Diego State University in 2007. She remained in San Diego, until her and her friends decided to take a trip to India to help Nisha begin her search for Amruta in 2009. Since this was an “impossible journey” Nisha and her friends decided to film the adventure to later share with her family and friends. After two months in India, Nisha came back with many leads and a lot of hope that she will return to India one day and meet the woman who gave birth to her.

Until then, Nisha will continue to help produce the film, model for a local talent agency, art classes, and music videos. In between her time back and forth from San Francisco for auditions, she is a substitute teacher for the Natomas Unified School District. Nisha also began to act out her passion for painting. Over the summer she began to volunteer at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California, which has now turned into an internship with the Facility Use Department. Nisha is a daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, friend, and lover. Nisha has been spending the last couple of years enhancing her relationships with others and her relationship with herself.

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