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Aaron Cunningham

“What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn’t have any doubt – it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere else.” -Hal Boyle

I am ecstatic about and humbled by the opportunity to join the brilliant crew at Land of Gazillion Adoptees as a contributor.  As a non-adoptee, I am most enthusiastic about the challenges to my preconceptions (adoption-related and otherwise) that this site has come to represent.  I have long believed that the only thing more limiting than defining ourselves for others is allowing others to define us.  I also believe that we are at our best when we are transcending arbitrary limitations.  If anything about me represents a qualification to write about race, culture & identity (and other stuff) for this site, it is the confluence of those beliefs.  I hope to go a step or two further by contributing my willingness to ask difficult questions and explore difficult, unexpected, and challenging answers with an open mind.  As always, I’m excited by the journey, and I hope to bring both my exuberance and duende to the voyage in equal measures.

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