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Ongoing attention…

Vincent Chin, Kuanchang Kao, Cau Bich Tran, and Fong Lee… how have I never heard of these names before?

A recent Time article tries to gain the attention of Asian Americans and encourages them to think a little bit more deeply about the events in Ferguson, Missouri:

The issue of racism is not just for this week, or MLK weekend, or even July 4th. It’s an ongoing conversation. This is not just an issue between two groups. It involves everyone.

When someone meets me for the first time the following question is asked: “What are you?” Normally I respond “I’m Chinese…” although there are those moments I want to say “a human???” How you look is unfortunately the first point of judgement in our society. Therefore the issues regarding race and ethnicity can not be simply ignored or pushed to the side.

Yes, undoubtedly one of America’s best features is– diversity. Diversity is beautiful and something to be proud of. It brings out the best of people and instills a sense of pride and community. But it also creates divide. It causes tension and anger, a sense of hurt and helplessness. With that said, let’s all encourage others in our own communities and beyond to realize that this isn’t a simple issue that can be solved by one decision. Instead it requires a lot more thought and more importantly– ongoing attention.

~ Melissa Joy Yeung


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