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Read this: ‘duality’

It’s great to see adoptees getting it out there and telling it like it is. Way to own the conversation adoptees! Your rock!

An excerpt via Asian Freckles:

In writing out my pain about being adopted (which for me is personally defined as the trauma from being separated from my birth mother as an infant + the trauma of being separated from a foster mother + the trauma of being sent to America + the trauma of my adoptive mother leaving our family when I was 4 1/2 + multiple moves all before the time I was 12 years old), I sometimes feel that when I share it with others, I should attach a disclaimer that states the following:

I can have the following feelings simultaneously. One does not discount or trump the other. These feelings run concurrently and sometimes they intersect, sometimes they simply continue to run parallel as if neither was aware of the other’s existence.


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