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Read: “You’re Projecting It Onto Us White People!”

Matthew Salesses, a writer whom I greatly respect, has a short piece in The Good Men Project. It’s an important read. Like Matthew, I rarely talk/write about my “adoption story” anymore. It’s a taxing process on a variety of people, including me and my kids.

Check it.

7. November is National Adoption Month. There is a hashtag floating around that adoptees should #flipthescript and take control of the adoption narrative. I am all for this, and have written articles arguing that same point. Our narratives, though, are often painful not only for ourselves but for others.

I can’t figure it out: the paradox. How do we tell the truth about love without hurting the people we want to love and to love us (including ourselves)? That is the writer’s block I have been in.

This essay has no conclusion. I am not writing this with an answer. I am writing it to write something. To struggle. To say that I struggle. To wonder if it’s okay to struggle. To let that struggle be known.

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  1. Matthew could maybe use a little support in the comments…?

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