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From LGA FB Readers: Twinster, Listen Asshole/Yellow Rage, and Adoptive Parents of Color

We receive a lot of stuff from those who follow LGA’s Facebook page. Here are a few from the last couple of days.

Separated at birth, reunited on Facebook (h/t Klyn Dgtl)

Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman have the same laugh and the same freckled cheeks. They wear their hair the same way and have since they were babies. They share a hatred of cooked carrots, a love of the same color nail polish and the need to sleep 10 hours a day.


Def Poetry – Yellow Rage – Listen Asshole (h/t Jeff Nguyen Eckert)


From Chad Goller-Sojourner

Every year millions and millions and millions of parents sit down and decide where they’re going to live based on their children’s needs, some choose to spend more money for a smaller house in that prime school district. Kids any good at sports, if so, you can bet they’ve checked out every sports program in the tri-county area, and that’s before calling the realtor. Sally an up and coming equestrian; well rest assured they’re not even looking at homes more than a half hour away from the closest riding center. And then there’s Spencer, the kid who’s been debating folks since he came out of the womb, which is why they do everything they can to find a school affiliated with the National Speech and Debate Association. And then of course there’s my sister, a single mother of three her youngest with Down Syndrome, and so she finds the best special ed program in the area and moves there, this despite the cost of living being higher and she on public assistance.

For some parents this all happened effortlessly. However for many in order to accomplish the above, sacrifices have to be made, in some cases the breadwinner’s daily commute will increase by up to a couple hours. For others, they’ll find themselves shuttling kids back and forth, and for others the purse strings will get a little tighter. Regardless, in all of these cases the parents counted the costs and then weighed them against the importance of these lifestyle changes. This raises the question, why does everybody understand the importance of a young cello prodigy attending a school with an outstanding symphony. Yet as soon as someone talks about the importance of transracial adoptees attending school with kids who look like them, white adoptive parents who don’t have their kids in these schools can be found gathering at the well of excuses and explanations.

1 Comment on From LGA FB Readers: Twinster, Listen Asshole/Yellow Rage, and Adoptive Parents of Color

  1. Where is the whole source for Chad’s quote, very powerful writing.

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