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The ‘fall’ of adoption rates – Who cares?

So, this article showed up in The Guardian yesterday, and I must say I was really surprised how it ended.  Nigel Priestly, the writer of the piece, starts out like this:

On Saturday I shall be attending the AGM of Adoption UK in Birmingham. I am going both as an adoptive parent and as a solicitor providing specialist support for prospective adopters and to families that have already adopted a child. From a personal and a professional perspective, I am committed to adoption…

After early success in which adoptions rose to record levels, however, this week brought unwelcome news for the Adoption Leadership Board, the body charged with improving performance of the adoption system in England: sharp falls both in the number of children put up for adoption by councils, and in the number of placement orders granted by courts – 47% and 54% respectively in the three months to June this year, compared with the quarter ending September 2013.


After articulating some great thoughts and examples about kinship adoption, he concludes:

Adoption has a vital role to play. It has changed my family’s life. It is critical, however, to bust the myth that it is the only way in which children can find secure and stable carers. Some of the children who may previously have been made the subject of adoption or placement orders are now thriving in the care of family and friends. Their lives have been transformed by kinship care.

Dang! Seriously, we need more of this kind of talk. Instead of focusing on the falling numbers, how about redirecting the conversation?


2 Comments on The ‘fall’ of adoption rates – Who cares?

  1. I care. I think it’s great news!

  2. me too

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