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Minnesota Makes The Daily Show!

Do you remember #pointergate involving Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, canvasser Navell Gordon, KSTP, and the Minneapolis Police Department? It and Minnesota made The Daily Show last night, and, as Jon Stewart points out, there’s a lot more going on in the story than mere pointing.

Watch here…

Or here…


The upside? Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, who has been overshadowed by her popular predecessor, is now getting her name out there. And  Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, the nonprofit involved in the incident, has seen an uptick in donations. Via Minnesota Public Radio News:

The social media storm may have been a public relations fiasco for the station, but it brought a lot of goodwill to Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, the non-profit behind the get-out-the-vote event.

Executive Director Anthony Newby said his tiny organization has seen unexpected donations from far-off places.

“There were folks from California, Washington, rural Maryland, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin,” he said. “So literally all across the country people are paying attention to the story and are donating.”

Beyond money, the organization has gained social and political capital as a result of “Pointergate,” Newby said.

The irony?

That is perhaps fitting, as Neighborhoods Organizing for Change was born because of another online video. The group grew out of the ashes of ACORN, a national network of community organizers brought down by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe in 2009.

After O’Keefe went into ACORN offices with a hidden camera, and posed as a pimp trying to procure tax advice, the video showed ACORN employees in Baltimore appearing to cooperate. The ensuing scandal forced the organization to close its doors in 2010.

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