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Tina is Back


We can’t avoid  Tina Traster.  She gets so much mainstream press that it can only be described as gross.  It’s gross because she’s valorized for the very thing adoptees in this community detest above all else:  inherently denying our voice through her grandiose self-promotion of (often uninformed) adoptive parent-centric behavior and rhetoric.  She’s giving a book talk at a public library in New Jersey this week about her long, difficult journey:  “The adoption world, as I have learned by treading into this territory, is a very fractious, dynamic place with very strong passionate opinions about all the subjects around adoption…So I have made some very close friends and I have garnered some very fierce enemies who just resent the book for various reasons…At the good end — at the great end — I’ve had so many parents of Russian adopted children or foreign adopted children reach out to me and thank me for putting this story in print.”  

‘”Resent” might not be the best term.  Offended?  Disgusted?  Rather than work to make this “very fractious” community, you know, less fractious, she posits other transnational adoptive parents on the great end of the spectrum and gives talks at public libraries about how difficult her journey is.  So, when do we get our public library appearances?  The Ramsey County Library request (see below) is a start.

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4 Comments on Tina is Back

  1. More importantly, when do we protest at her appearances?

  2. As an adoptive parent for 14+ years, I’m not sure exactly how I managed to avoid knowing about this woman, I’m an avid reader. But I’m glad I did. She seems just… SO FREAKING WRONG. Rescuing? “RESCUING?” No.

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