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“Do it…You will just feel so fulfilled.”

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Family?


“Dana Jarvis said no matter the age of a child, adoption is an incredibly rewarding experience. ‘Do it,’ she said. ‘You will just feel so fulfilled. Our family is complete now, and it’s wonderful. There’s not enough words for how good it makes you feel. There’s a special bond there.’”   —  Mass Adoption Ceremony, Mississippi

It’s National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM) so the margins of my web browser are filled with all sorts of unsolicited articles pinned to my perpetual “adoption” search queries.  This one from my neighboring state to the southeast popped up as a recommended article and reeks of the same tried narrative that I just can’t seem to shake this November.  Given that this part of Mississippi is deeply religious and politically conservative (so conservative that this freak-show almost won a senate seat) it’s no surprise that “adoptees as a blessing from God” factors into a larger state-wide adoption narrative.  The Jarvis family is now complete and feels blessed with their new addition. I can’t help but think about adoptees (and especially adoptees of color) in racially divided, religiously conservative parts of the country.  It reminds me of Daughter From Danang and the messed up geopolitical/racial dynamics of growing up as a half-Vietnamese adoptee in the birthplace of the KKK.  I wonder how many parents are implored to adopt by a phrase as conniving as “do it.”

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3 Comments on “Do it…You will just feel so fulfilled.”

  1. You mean it’s not the same as putting on a pair of Nikes?

  2. Nauseating. Not one word about what adoption does for (to) the child. He or she is not even worth mentioning.

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