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Go See ‘Big Hero 6’

Sure, it’s made by Disney. Sure, it manipulates you like all Disney movies so that you cry. But it’s the most diverse Disney film of all time, with the most diverse group of actors voicing the characters. And it’s one heck of a film! Via Buzzfeed.

Big Hero 6 is filled with subtle, teachable moments. In Wasabi, voiced by Damon Wayans Jr., viewers get a strong, physical presence in a large brown body with cropped dreadlocks — the type of guy we might typically see on screen guarding a nightclub door or working as a scary-but-silent henchman for a movie villain. Instead, Wasabi is a by-the-book guy, who also happens to be extraordinarily brilliant when it comes to robotic engineering…

Big Hero 6 also aims to breakdown gender stereotypes with bold and brainy girls taking center stage in the form of Go Go Tomago (Jamie Chung) and Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), both of whom are women of color. As much as they didn’t want their characters’ races to be limiting, Hall and Williams didn’t want them to be defined by gender either.

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  1. Big Hero 6 is an exciting, action-packed adventure with plenty of heart that both kids and adults alike will find entertaining.

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