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World Adoption Day – Puke in my mouth

There’s this new thing called World Adoption Day, helmed by celebrity pastor Hank Fortener. Well, it’s not really new.  It’s just a Hollywood rehashing of the old concept of bringing attention to adoption during National Adoption Awareness Month instead of bringing attention to something less “sexy,” like family preservation. Seriously. Fortener crowdfunded $4 million for World Adoption Day. Imagine what he could do if he put his focus somewhere else where the money is actually needed. Imagine what he could do if he told his flock that the right thing to do is to help keep families together rather than ripping them apart. Via Forbes, whose coverage BTW is sickeningly favorable toward Fortener’s WAD.

Fortener announced World Adoption Day to the crowd last week and revealed his own unique attachment to an often overlooked cause. He was raised as part of a family with his mother, father, and 2 other biological siblings. And then his parents began fostering children, 36 of them to be exact over the course of his upbringing. After that, they went on to adopt 8 children as well.


1 Comment on World Adoption Day – Puke in my mouth

  1. Ripping families apart? You’re the worst kind of fool, self-righteous. If you were actually a charismatic, engaging human being maybe you could actually help heal the world rather than crapping on those who are.

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