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FML Minnesota: #pointergate

Minnesota, the home to literally a gazillion adoptees of color, is in the national spotlight for what’s being called #pointergate. Many are shocked by the story, but, as a resident of Minnesota, I can unequivocally say that this extremely racist news story is not surprising. As progressive as Minnesota may be, it is the same state that gave the world Michelle Bachmann. It is the same state with one of the most segregated metropolitan cities. It is the state that openly removed Native children from their tribes. I could just go on, but I won’t because there’s too much to list; racism in Minnesota is alive and well and has been for a long time.

Via Daily Kos.

Does the Minneapolis ABC affiliate KSTP not have a filter in which something that smells this bad gets flagged for poor journalism?

Sadly, only racism allows such an ugly story and stereotype to be advanced about a young man who was clearly not flashing a gang sign with the Mayor of Minneapolis. He deserves a public apology and heads should roll at this station for even allowing it to ever make it to the air.

Furthermore, some real investigative journalism needs to uncover just why the police were willing to get behind such a phony story. Something smells off in a major way. Could it be because the Mayor is behind the police wearing body cameras and the police faked this story hours before the pilot program was due to launch? Or could it be that she called out police corruption and vowed to clean it up last month?


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