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Dear White People (White Adoptive Mommy Blogs Edition)

Dear White People,

Someone needs to stop those ridiculous White adoptive mommy blogs. Is there any doubt that most of them are essentially exploitive garbage? Some of them make the (often traumatic) histories of their adopted children into something for public consumption. Some of them openly talk about how “horrible” their formerly institutionalized adopted kids are. Some of them dress their adopted kids up in popular brands, such as the Gap, to get the attention of advertisers, such as Ford, for their websites. Some of them write about how they just had to rehome their adopted child, detailing how horrible their now rehomed son/daughter was. And some of them praise “God” for helping them to “save” their adopted children from those gawd awful “third world” countries.

And all for what? Personal gains? Professional mobility? Public sympathy? Public praise?

Yes, indeed. Those White adoptive mommy blogs should really go away so that those middle to upper class privileged White mothers can do something different for a change. Like parenting.

4 Comments on Dear White People (White Adoptive Mommy Blogs Edition)

  1. Ironic since you have a giant ad on your page as well. Most people write to vent or share…as you are also doing.

    If a blog about a disrupted adoption keeps a ill equipped person from adopting a child with special needs then it serves a purpose. The more info out there the better.

  2. What add? I cant see one ? I dont think rehoming is quite how you understand it……it isnt about ill-equipped people and special needs kids. It is about over entitled adults deciding “their” child is too much hard work and they dont want to play that game any more.

  3. I am anti-intercountry adoption too, however, you do have a MacDonalds video right at the end of your commentary which does work to undermine your point related to big corporations and brand naming etc. I believe that is what “Sam” was referring to.

  4. Social workers for the agencys need to be audited.Why? I have NO PROOF she ever did the paper work to find him ,like she said she did and added he was a lawyer.She LOST MY !st LETTER to her as she told me she and she ONLY had the rights to me and my son 41 now was 35 when started ,but only lasted maybe 9 months ,conventiently telling me lies made up.She opologized to saying my son was a lawyer,then why am I supposed to believe she even did the paper work even with the IRS as the Social Security paid $600.00 due to I am disabled -64.Leaving no paper trails is easy for them when the government does not pay and the payee is a mother that paid $700.00 or her son or daughter.They tell people all kinds of stories and I believe they believe in their own lies as they have had lots of practice.Being the ONLY person in a money transaction should be outlawyed !!!!! Their rule is having no other mediator but themselves.It is rare for agencys to have reunions like people and mothers with family thinks.Loosing all paper trails and one person (any name) they stick together like the Mafia .Has this been investigated to receipts of find and taxes paid because they do bring in loads of money every year.If they say the mother dies case closed -the agency probabably keeps the money and is allocated a tax relief for the losses.I am not a lawyer or even good at math but common sense tells me t(Money transactions without a receipt of find and loosing the only way he could ever know about me in a cold bio way but -alone transactions with monies is just not done or legal in the US .I would think even a lawyer would agree with this.It seems like they have taken our babys soul that belongs to its mother as that soul was bonded before the birth.Of course some radical will disagree .In humans are the ones rearranging things their way ,stealing made legal is an abomination and the way this adoption company evr got in some greedy persons ear.It sure wasn,t for the holier than thou people who think that taking another mothers baby and making (lying from the start) that she is the mom)NEVER on this planet earth can a stranger -woman with or without the makings to have or have not as many wait until older to then say adopt,so she could have a married life ,travel have fun then older settle down and because they CAN.So many mothers die in child birth and to the I want woman she is scared of pregnancy.There are countlees reasons why they WANT to adopt .!!!! Has nothing to do with the childs welfare.The real 1st mothers aren,t always poor,unmarried,Ok to be parading naked down the street and I do not mean mothers.Not saying anything against these people ,only saying they were allowed their freedom way before it entered the Governors or Presidents head that babys were being bought by crooked people selling babies and making it a giant industry maybe the biggest of all time next to the health care-those should have been the 1st 2 issues worked on OPen Access for adoptees(unseal their own documents evry citizen has but them and they GROWN are not breaking laws but voting for you people in high places.Soon that wall like in Berlin WILL FALL,as we all know the health care would go to the dump with the greed out there so is the ADoption Industry.SAYING THE TRUTH. We,ve had it ,other countries do not trust us .A visiting friend from Austrailia laughs how our Presidents have ruined America and all the people that keep them in office with all the states -Gypses except maybe a rare states.

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