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Adoptee/First Parent Ink (As In Tattoos) Continued

So, last week we posted some adoptee ink.  A few others submitted pics of their tattoos afterwards.  Here they be!


bunny and penguin

My leg is on the left, and my friend’s arm is on the right. She designed the little goat bunny. I designed the penguin. We got each other tattooed on one another as well. I also have the penguin tattooed on me, but hers came out better. And she has my signature on her, too. So that’s cool. I’m honored. She has all of her close friends tattooed on her.



I got the tattoo done at Saigon Ink in 2010 for the anniversary of Operation Babylift.


283353_2122047724033_4475123_n 69261_10200806491543866_715475778_n

Description from her Facebook page: “Thank you, Pop’s Tattoo Emporium. I have new words to live by…plus they will look so good when holding Adoptee Rights Protest signs..NEXT.. a big SCARLETT LETTER!!”

1 Comment on Adoptee/First Parent Ink (As In Tattoos) Continued

  1. LOVE the Blood is Blood Truth is Truth Tat!
    I have my biological fathers signature on my arm, all I have of him. Brings me great comfort!

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