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So Kevin Vollmers Met Craig Juntunen of Both Ends Burning/”Stuck”

Craig JuntunenYeah.  It happened.  Kevin, the founder of LGA, was invited to a luncheon with a bunch of other folks.  So, we asked Kevin to get his thoughts.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Dude, you actually met Craig Juntunen, the guy we’ve been lovingly ripping on?

Kevin: Yes.  It was a really interesting luncheon.  And there were some great folks there, including Mary Martin Mason of MARN, Dr. Richard Lee, and Ami Nafzger of the State of Minnesota.

LGA: So, what’s Craig’s facial hair like?

Kevin: Are you really asking me that question?

LGA: Yes, we are!

Kevin: SMH.  No wonder people say LGA is immature.  Yes, he’s a well groomed man.  I’ve heard women swoon over him at conferences.  I don’t get the swooming, but he’s a good looking guy.

LGA: What surprised you about Craig?

Kevin: Well, he’s very politician like.  He’s smooth, easily moves into prepared notes/stump speech, dodges questions he doesn’t want to answer, rattles off statistics, etc.  I was expecting someone with a little bit more bravado, but he comes across as being passionately soft spoken, which is probably appealing to a lot of folks.

Also, he went on the record saying that Both Ends Burning/Stuck are NOT affiliated with any religious movements, even though the Evangelical Adoption Movement has embraced Both Ends Burning.  And he says that Both Ends Burning is all about supporting families in the “sending countries” so that they can raise their own children.  I’d actually like to see some evidence.  It’s clearly not on the Both Ends Burning website, and everything that I’ve read about Both Ends Burning/Stuck points to international adoption, adoption, adoption.

LGA: Dude, I hope you prodded him a bit.

Kevin: Of course.  It’s what I do.  I just have to say that those years of acting pays off occasionally.  There’s nothing better than provoking conversations/reactions by passionately going off while chuckling inside.

LGA: That’s what we like to hear!  So, are you going to see the film tonight?

Kevin: Yes.  But I’m looking forward to the “town hall”/Q&A afterwards.  That’s going to be a riot.

LGA: Word.

6 Comments on So Kevin Vollmers Met Craig Juntunen of Both Ends Burning/”Stuck”

  1. Youy’re worse than I am, Kevin. What you may find out later is that the enemies are so much more interesting than our friends. I’d much rather spend my time in some den of adoption iniquity than at a conference of liberals.

  2. I saw him in person and definitely did not swoon.

  3. lol Susan!

  4. Boy would I have loved to have been the fly in the soup at THAT luncheon!

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