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Don’t Get “Stuck” In Minnesota, Craig Juntunen of Both Ends Burning!

I walked away from adoption in the summer of 2006.  Disenchanted by the system and disgusted by what I had done as an agency person, I vowed never to return.  But I did after moving back to Minnesota from Washington, DC.  My fellow MN adoptees reminded me of the power of our voices and showed me that the adoptee community could and should be the leaders in adoption.  So, I started Land of Gazillion Adoptees to do my small part.

LGA has obtained success.  I don’t attribute the success to what I’ve done, though.  I attribute the success to all involved with LGA, the numerous individuals who have shared their perspectives, insights, projects, and programs with us, and, perhaps most importantly, the growing adoptee movement in Minnesota which is a force.  No offense to anyone, but one would be hard pressed to name another state that matches the vitality of what adoptees have going on in the “Land of Gazillion Adoptees.”  It is into this environment that Craig Juntunen of Both Ends Burning is brining his traveling bus tour for the film Stuck on Tuesday, April 23.

I hope Juntunen is ready for a debate because many adoptees here in Minnesota are not enamored by his wealth, power, lobbying, and connections.  Many are fully aware of his/Both Ends Burning place in the Evangelical Adoption Movement.  Many have actual research, not sentimental rhetoric disguised as facts, to refute every statement Juntunen/Both Ends Burning/Stuck surely will profess as the truth.  And many will make sure Juntunen/Both Ends Burning/Stuck leave town wondering why the traveling circus didn’t get a free ride.

We’ll see you soon Juntunen/Both Ends Burning/Stuck.  Before you get here, please know that the new, thriving Minnesota adoption community is the house adoptees built, not by folks like you 😉

I leave you with this.

“They hate, they petty
They say we too heady, too heavy, too many, too much punk
Much too drunk, too much luck, love too much
But we earned it all
All work ’til the curtain calls and our time is up
They ain’t got enough
And it burns ’em up
Before tour and First Ave it was D4, T-Rock
And way more than I’ll name drop
But I got y’all when I see y’all
And I’ll keep y’all when the beat stops
I built more than a rap career
I got my family here
But some punks wanna jump up
With a sharp tongue and their fronts up
Like we got here by dumb luck
But they just wanna become us
That’s what’s up when you come up
I move like a dump truck
Too long on the road and I earn what I hold
But if you wanna let me know I can burn your flow like
Whoa” – From “Doomtree Bangarang” by Minnesota’s very own Doomtree

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