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12 Reasons Why The Minnesota Korean Adoptee Community Is Awesome

In the early 2000s, Minnesota was dubbed “The Land of 10,000 Korean Adoptees.”  Now it should be called “The Land of Gazillion Awesome Korean Adoptees.”  Here are some reasons why.

1. The Language of Blood

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 2.00.37 PM

Jane Jeong Trenka’s first book was published by the Minnesota Historical Society when she lived in our lovely state. It’s considered by many as one of the best books to come out of the adoption community, and it celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2013.

2. Them Korean adoptee actors


Korean adoptees are now fixtures in the Minnesota theater community.  It would be difficult to name another state that has such a high concentration of well established Korean adoptee actors.

3. HERE: A Visual History of Adopted Koreans in Minnesota


Created by Kim Jackson and Heewon Lee, HERE remains the only book of its genre that captures the lives of adoptees. It also contains oral histories collected by Dr. Kim Park Nelson and a succinct written history of Minnesota Korean adoption by JaeRan Kim.

4. GOA’L


Ami Nafzger, who now works for the State of Minnesota, founded Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (GOA’L) while living in South Korea.  GOA’L remains one of the most important adoptee organizations in the world.

5. The Left Handed Cook


Well respected, The Left Handed Cook is owned and operated by Korean American Thomas Kim and Korean American adoptee Kat Melgaard.

6. Funny Yellow Mom


Amy Anderson grew up in Minnesota, and got her start here.  She periodically visits MN with her daughter Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, star of Modern Family.

7. AK Connection


AK Connection has been serving the Korean adoptee community for over ten years, and all evidence indicate to ongoing success.

8. Adoption Research

These are only a few of the MN based Korean adoptees who are doing incredibly important adoption research.

9. Approved for Adoption

Approved-for-adoptionRainbow World is the North American rights holder and will be distributing the film in the US in partnership with GKIDS. Jennifer Arndt-Johns, the filmmaker behind Crossing Chasms, founded the organization.

10. Them Adoptee Poets


Minnesota boasts a TON of adoptee poets, including established writers such as Sun Yung Shin and Hei Kyong Kim.

11. Korean Bridge


Headed by Jon Huston, one of the nicest guys in the Universe, Korean Bridge has been connecting separated families for years.

12. The Home of LGA

LGAlogoBlack copy

We’re very thankful for the support the MN Korean adoptee community has shown LGA.  Without it, LGA wouldn’t be where it is today.

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