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My Perspective, aka, The Gospel of Yogi Bodhisattva Steve Morrison

Here is the response to Steve Morrison’s “My Perspective”.  Please note that all odd stylistic/transition choices are deliberate to match that of Steve’s post.  We encourage you, dear reader, to check out the original.


It’s important that we take a step back and think about what we’re doing about what we think we’re doing while responding to a clearly, ah, “interesting” mind of the “adoptee in question”, in this case Steve Morrison, who recently talked about another “adoptee in question”.  Like the “KAD” Steve, I pretend not to like to argue while arguing about everything and anything because admitting you are arguing just for the sake of arguing to hear yourself think just isn’t productive.  And like the “KAD” Steve, who likes to hide behind “sympathy”, “compassion”, and the word of a higher being while secretly working with agencies that make MILLIONS of dollars, I prefer not to respond to his general patronizing, misogynist, and egotistical tone by being equally patronizing, misogynist, and egotistical because that would just be silly.  If I were to do so, we would both lose, which would not be fun at all because who wants to be part of an argument in which both sides lose?

I’m convinced.  The “KAD” Steve most likely doesn’t live physically anywhere because he is not human.  The “KAD” Steve most likely lives in a celestial mind where he is a supreme being with rhetorical skills that go way beyond anything imaginable.  The “KAD” Steve clearly is knowledgeable about adoption, enough to manipulate the facts.  The “KAD” Steve appears to totally be a friend of prospective adoptive parents, especially those who couldn’t be bothered to travel to South Korea because Korea is so far away, a horrible country to visit, and its neighbor North Korea is just, you know, off its rocker.  Not only does the “KAD” Steve work on behalf of adoptive parents, but, most importantly, the “KAD” Steve does the bidding of a higher power, which Steve apparently believes endorses the idea of ongoing marginalization of single mothers in his motherland.  What an awesome higher power!  Praise it!

Really.  The “KAD” Steve is an enlightened being (or an android because nobody has such perfect hair).  He has moved beyond the pains of this Earthly existence.  The “KAD” Steve, or should we say “Bodhisattva” Steve, notes:

“I would choose the life of becoming homeless, being hungry and cold while living in the streets of Korea.  I would choose to be admitted to an orphanage at six and growing up in an institution for eight years before being adopted at age 14.  I would again choose this path, just so that I could be with my parents.”

Amazing.  The “KAD” Steve has spoken!  Homeless, hungry, and cold orphans should consider themselves lucky!  And the rest of us “KADs” who struggle in parts or all of our lives should follow his path.  The “KAD” Steve says move on, move on children and deeply bury your suffering rather than acknowledging their existence because your belief in their existence only proves how misguided, ignorant, and orphan like you are.  The “KAD” Steve says be grateful – you are a saved orphan after all.  The “KAD” Steve says promote the path of Korean intercountry adoption, even though is lengthy existence solves nothing for South Korea, its people, and social welfare structure but lines the pockets of the old Korean men who run the Korean adoption agencies.  This is the path – the Gospel of Yogi Bodhisattva Steve Morrison.

Let us pray.



3 Comments on My Perspective, aka, The Gospel of Yogi Bodhisattva Steve Morrison

  1. Kevin – I appreciated the parody critique. In fact I laughed out loud. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to out sanctimonious someone so sanctimonious!

    Even though I strongly disagree with the position MPAK takes, and realise this is essentially Steve Morrison, and having personally been the victim/subject to an assumption laden patronising post, I think that when I cease having compassion for the individual stories of adoptees that lead them to whatever places it has brought them no matter how much I strongly disagree I probably have to refocus on the issues at hand and not the person. In my privacy amongst those I trust I’ll spew all sorts of filth about what I really think of people and attempt not to let that leak out in other place (not that that always works), but in the end I’ve gotta make it about the issues and not get too carried away about the persona lest I be as much as an ass as the person whose behaviour I take issue with. Believe me, my mind goes to knife twisting digs, and I appreciate the wit involved (both from others, and myself), but I’ll hate the day when maybe senility robs me of inhibition control and censorship is gone from my tongue.

    In other words I’m laughing along with this, just a little to my public shame.


    • Lauri,

      Thanks for your comment. I totally agree. Here’s the secret about what I do – I’m Batman and the adoptee community is Superman. If you know anything about the Justice League, I think you’ll understand what I mean — KHV

      • My unfamiliarity with the Justice League was helped along a little by Google, that’s given me the gist. I probably need more help with that analogy. If you’d phrased it in Watchmen terms I may have coped better, but that’s getting kinda dark and convoluted for analogies…

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