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Guest Post By Maureen McCauley Evans: Agencies, Adoptions, and Accreditation, Part 2 of 3

The sudden slamming of doors by Christian World Adoption, Adoption ARK, and the Frank Adoption Center could be the beginning of a trend: international adoptions are declining, and there are increased concerns about mismanagement, about whether children are “truly” orphans, and about the role of money in the placement of children.

It’s disconcerting at best, then, that the Council on Accreditation accredited all three of these agencies for Hague Convention adoptions.  (The HC is a big deal, multilateral treaty designed to protect the rights of birth/first families, adoptive parents, and adopted children. The US took years to ratify the Convention, and we now have our own Central Authority in the State Department, plus many new regulations and processes.) The Council on Accreditation is the only national accrediting entity for adoption agencies operating under the Hague Convention, and the accreditation process is lengthy, rigorous, and thorough, according to their website:  To be accredited, an agency must meet high standards for staffing, record-keeping, finances, and much more.

Christian World Adoption was accredited through 2016 by COA.  Adoption ARK was accredited through 2016.  The Frank Adoption Center was accredited through 2017.

And they suddenly closed.  CWA declared bankruptcy.  What then does COA-accreditation mean for the State Department, for families here and around the world, and for adopted children?

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