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Senator Mary Landrieu – Please Focus For A Moment On Current Americans

Dear Senator Mary Landrieu,

As you know, there are numerous adoptees living in the United States who are currently at risk of being deported because their adoptive parents and their adoption agencies did not properly file paperwork to give the adoptees US citizenship.  They were promised, through adoption, a better chance at life in our fine country, and they have lived as good people.  They are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandparents, grandchildren, employees, employers, friends, neighbors, and all around outstanding individuals contributing to our American way of life.

Since July of 2012, your office has had the opportunity to alleviate this major problem facing adoptees lacking something that should have automatically been given to them.  Your office, in fact, has had a copy of a great piece of legislation that would offer retroactive citizenship to all individuals who were brought into the country by US citizens for the purposes of adoption.  Your office has had the opportunity to make sure all adoptees are able to get a driver’s license, loans, passports, bank accounts, etc.  Unfortunately, your office has done nothing with this incredibly important piece of legislation.  Instead, you have focused on the adoption tax credit, which in part encourages Americans to bring the world’s children to the US.  You have focused on your partnership with the film Stuck, in which you lament the fact that the pace of international adoption has slowed significantly.  You have focused on traveling across Southeast Asia, imploring Southeast Asian countries to expedite the intercountry adoption process.  To say it differently, your actions indicate that you are more interested in importing goods, rather than taking care of our domestic goods.

Senator Landrieu, I respect you and admire your tenacity.  Because of this, I implore you to do the right thing by stepping up and being the champion of adoptees that you say you are.

Thank you for your time,


Kevin Vollmers
Land of Gazillion Adoptees

3 Comments on Senator Mary Landrieu – Please Focus For A Moment On Current Americans

  1. A very nice post, from one adoptee to another.

  2. Antonio Hale // February 21, 2013 at 4:23 pm // Reply

    Very good point indeed, I am one of those that is being deported after close to 50 years in the US.

  3. I will not sign anything that would help the adoption industry -such as this imoral action is just not going to happen ,even with the millions of mothers and adoptees protesting the 260,000,000,00 billion dollar world wide industry,thats the real reason no one wants to do anything as banning adoption.Now they blame not enough babies .They would try if they had it their way like Hitler to have mothers to be on a conveyer belt going into the giant building and exit but the babies taken from them.I feel helping you is in vein as you’ll turn to the adoptors your so called rich idols that buy babies no matter any thing ,their is never remorse mothers aren’t allowed to qualify,mothers would never lie or hide secrets of critical issues to their sons and daughters,thats the best interest of the child (Adult) of the 1st real mother telling the adoptees the truth adoptors deny,agencys ,hospitals,attorneys,pollitions and all invilved into the industry-the act of people around the world of shared secrets,masons? or mafia? Anyway none are any good for the people of this planet,separation is a greedy man made idea,certainly not the mothers to be in the US,or most all would have said yes take my baby I fell in love with that came from all that I gave the baby to grow into existance to be my baby ,no one elses.The animal kingdom are very protective of their young and will if it has claws and big teeth -kill a human to protect their young ,they had people taking their young to yes the mothers showed sadness,how cruel to animals and especially human mothers and human babies.

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