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Jane Jeong Trenka Rocks the Korea/Minnesota Connection

trenka1These are some of the reasons why we Minnesotans claim Jane Jeong Trenka as one of our own.

From “America’s Adoption Reality” (The Korea Times):

“While Americans have been decrying Russia’s ban on adoptions to the U.S., there are twice as many children waiting to be adopted to just Minnesota as there are in the Russian “pipeline.” There were 46 Russians approved to be adopted, as opposed to 97 Minnesotans who are still waiting for someone to want them.”

From “How to stop languishing and get yourself adopted” (Minnesota Public Radio):

“There are 58,000 of you living in institutions, 104,236 eligible for adoption and 400,540 in foster care. But I can recommend some ways to make yourself as precious and loveable as one of those Russian orphans. Take some tips from an international adoptee! Here’s how:

1. Be young. You have no value if you are older than 5. I know — you’re 12. But maybe people won’t notice if you act young. They’ll think you’re big for your age. If you expect to be adopted as a preteen, forget it. At that point, all you are is a looming college tuition bill.”

We also hear that Jane will be attending and presenting at the Adoption Policy and Reform Collaborative’s conference in St. Paul, MN on Saturday, November 16th, 2013.  Happy days!

In other news, someone created these…

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