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I’m Angry, Bitter, and a Part of “The Fringe”?

Apparently some still believe I’m one of those “angry” and “bitter” adoptees.  And one person described me and a number of other amazing folks as a part of “the fringe.”  Do I look angry and bitter?

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6 Comments on I’m Angry, Bitter, and a Part of “The Fringe”?

  1. Kevin,

    You’re looking pretty “normal” to me…

    If they want angry, bitter, or from the far-out fringe, send them my way!


  2. wow if thats angry I would hate to see what happy is………

  3. I had to chuckle when I read the first sentence and looked at the subsequent pictures.

    You look like a well rounded, happy, amazing human being. Thanks for blowing holes through the “angry, bitter” fallacies and proving it is nothing but a ploy to silence those of us who speak the truth about our less than happy dappy, rainbows and sunshine adoption stories.

  4. Catherine Lynch // January 14, 2013 at 6:27 pm // Reply

    adoptees get that treatment: if you think and speak critically about adoption – becuase it involves negatives as well as positives – you are told you are bitter – but we people who know and tell the whole story are the most deeply happiest becuase we are dealing with reality and don’t cling to images or illusions or sterotypes that threaten to shatter at any moment reality may contradict them. Hence we don’t live in fear of this. Hence: happy! (:

  5. Send them to me i am angry and bitter. Key and peele did a skit on slavery. I think adoption is the same thing. My life will NEVER be right or the same. All for a sw’s few grand. If people sat around saying no no slavery doesn’t bother me, I have absolutely no conscience at all, we would wonder how they sleep. To say that adoption doesn’t enrage anyone says our moral code is dead. Adoption ruins lives, actually even ruins generations

  6. Gooddaytocry, you should not have been adopted. You should have been left in an orphanage. Stop blaming your failures in life on the fact you were adopted. I do not feel sorry for you at all. You are a loser because you were born that way.

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