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Watch “Living Adoption: Gay Parents Speak” and “Struggle For Identity: Issues In Transracial Adoption” On Watch Adoptee Films!

Living Adoption: Gay Parents Speak and Struggle For Identity: Issues In Transracial Adoption, two wonderful films from Photosynthesis Productions, are not available on Watch Adoptee Films!  You can stream each for $4.99.

gps-coverLiving Adoption: Gay Parents Speak

The video follows in the style of PhotoSynthesis’ previous award-winning DVDs, STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY and FOSTER PARENTS SPEAK, with a compelling cast of adoptive parents who tackle issues ranging from the process of adoption, to being a conspicuous family, parenting teens and helping children develop their identity.  Click here to watch!

The film is outstanding! . . . a wonderful, honest portrayal of the experiences of ethnically diverse, gay and lesbian adoptive families. This is “Adoption 101” for families—these optimistic, yet realistic couples talk about their experiences, feelings, challenges and strategies for overcoming barriers and concerns from the time they first considered adoption through post-placement. Their pictures and voices tell it all – from their perspectives about good social work practice, laws impacting their adoptions, paperwork, to adopting sibling groups, interracial adoptions, and parenting issues– these families are amazing! This video will be an excellent resource in adoption preparation classes for families, adoption support groups, academic classes, and adoption competency training for social workers!
– Ruth McRoy
President, Board of Directors
North American Council on Adoptable Children

Struggle For Identity: Issues In Transracial Adoption

struggle_for_ide_48f8c312705e4Produced in collaboration with the New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children. A starkly realistic account of the transracial adoption experience. Narrated by young adults who were adopted as children, this documentary examines the effects of trans-racial adoption on individuals, families, and society.  Click here to watch!

The video is a powerful exposition of transracial adoptees’ experiences. The sequences of adoptees and their parents discussing similar topics is a captivating technique. The adoptees come across as sincere and straightforward, and their responses are very articulate and thoughtful.
— Ernesto Loperena, Executive Director, NY Council on Adoptable Children

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