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A Letter to My Korean Family

Just over one year ago I was in Korea with the help of the good people at G’O.A.L. searching for my Korean family. The whole experience seems like forever ago, yet just yesterday. Reflecting over my time in Korea and my search, my mind keeps coming back to the letter I wrote to my Korean family and ended up reading on television. When I wrote that letter, I naively didn’t think I would end up sharing it with anyone, let alone millions of Koreans via TV, but thems the breaks and I shared a version of my letter one year ago on Korean TV. I wanted to share the unedited letter with my community.  Thanks.

To My Korean Family:

I have been on a long journey. Once it was away from and now it is toward you. Now I am ready to complete my journey and be satisfied with all that I have seen and experienced. Knowing you will help me to the end of my journey and to feel satisfied of my desire to see myself as a whole person.

I am well. I was well-raised and loved by my American family, but I miss you. My heart misses you and it will not let me ignore its longing anymore. Umma, when you left me at the hospital, you took a piece of me with you. Return that missing piece to me and help me soothe the longing in my heart and complete my soul.

Tell me your story, so I can know myself completely. Let us walk in the past, so we can move into the future together.

Umma, Appa, come back to me. I am waiting.

Here is the TV version where I read the letter around the 36:25 mark.

3 Comments on A Letter to My Korean Family

  1. Thank you for sharing the letter and the video of you reading it. I found it extremely touching.

  2. Beautiful : ) I loved hearing/seeing your letter again. Your trust and hope in your community and families comes through loud and clear. Thank you for sharing and for bringing this honesty, courage, and vulnerability to the blog.

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