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MN Adoptees Rock/Rainbow World/Approved For Adoption

It’s no secret that we LOVE the Minnesota adoption community. After all, Land of Gazillion Adoptees is centrally located in the state; LGA founder Kevin Ost-Vollmers calls the Land of 10,000 Lakes home.  On top of that, there is a tremendous amount of adoptee energy here. The adoptee community IS the reason why many consider Minnesota a major adoption hub; we are the engine in the state’s adoption community. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t read the tea leaves recently or seen adoptee awesomeness, such as Jennifer Arndt-John’s “soft launch” of Rainbow World.

Per the Rainbow World website:

To those of you who have landed here, welcome to the “soft launch” of the Rainbow World website…and thank you for taking the time to explore the beginnings of an organization that has been “in development” for over 15 years.

What is Rainbow World?  In formal terms, Rainbow World is a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization dedicated to producing and distributing multimedia educational content to be used for education and outreach about the personal, social, cultural, historical and political issues related to international/transracial adoption.

Our mission is to educate, empower and increase awareness about the international/transracial adoption community through supporting, creating and distributing a broad spectrum of content and artistic representations in film, music and multimedia about international/transracial adoption.

While films, books, academic dissertations, musicians and artists continue to explore the subject of adoption, it’s not always “easy” to access all of these resources. Rainbow World will help with this process, as we are focused upon becoming a centralized resource for multimedia specific to international/transracial adoption. Through consistent efforts to bring visibility to products and resources that represent international/transracial adoption to the forefront, the organization aims to foster greater understanding worldwide about the many complex issues that emerge from the international/transracial adoption experience. (Click here to read more.)

Sounds fabulous, no?  You know what else is awesome?  Rainbow World is the US distributor of the critically acclaimed Approved For Adoption.  Finally it’s here in the States!  Happy days!!

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