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Adopted: The Identity Project

There are cool folks who are in Adopted: The Identity Project.

Gina Samuels, Ph.D (a total superstar):

Minnesotans Monica and Miguel:

Because of this, we reached out to Judy Stigger of The Cradle and Adoption Learning Partners.  Below is our short interview with her.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees: How did Adopted: The Identity Project come about and what is the program trying to address?

Judy: Adopted: The Identity Project came about because asked our alumni users what topics they wanted addressed and identity topped the list. This course came about because adopted persons hosted, shared stories, and shaped the content. Who better to talk to parents and adopted persons about life as an adopted person than adopted persons? So, this course is voiced exclusively by adopted persons.

Because adoption identity forms in the context of typical childhood and young adult development, the course is laid out on a developmental line with a side bar at each stage.  Many contributors expressed the opinion that kids should not bear the burden of having to teach their parents this material without support. offers The Identity Project in support.

LGA: What has been the most surprising feedback you’ve received?

Judy: I am awed by the generosity and courage of those who shared their stories, including the mixture of pain, confusion and appreciation for adoption.  I am touched by the unsolicited feedback from users we’re receiving: “finally someone put my feelings into words” or “nice to know I am not the only one who feels this way.”  I am challenged by the need for those of us who offer training or counseling to adoptive families to keep foremost what adopted persons have taught us.

Interesting, no? Click here to find out more information about the project.

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