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Breaking News from Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Korean Adoptees Told By Major Korean Adoption Agencies That The Adoptees’ Needs Are Unimportant

Breaking News: Land of Gazillion Adoptees has learned through reliable sources that adoptees have recently been turned away by major adoption agencies in South Korea.  According to a friend of LGA, an adoptee requested a document (which is required to obtain a F-4 visa) from one of the adoption agencies.  The adoptee was told to either wait a week as the placement of a child was more important or make a request directly to Korean Adoption Services (KAS), formally KCARE.  Additionally, according to another friend of LGA, actions similar to the above are not isolated cases.

We have opted not to name the agencies or the individuals who informed us of these recent events.  Naming is unimportant.  What is important, however, is to point out that time and time again, Korean adoption agencies have demonstrated that the process of moving Korean children from their country of origin to “receiving countries,” i.e., the movement of money exchanged between a seller and a buyer for a product, is their number one priority.  Everything, including the needs of single parents in South Korea who wish to raise their children and Korean adoptees seeking post adoption services from their Korean agencies, is secondary.  In fact, judging by the huge news about the 23,000 statistic, the Korean agencies are also not terribly concerned about finalizing a process that impacts the lives of many, especially that of children placed into homes in the US.

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2 Comments on Breaking News from Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Korean Adoptees Told By Major Korean Adoption Agencies That The Adoptees’ Needs Are Unimportant

  1. I’m so shocked. Not. Twenty years ago my domestic adoption agency (CHSM) demanded over 170% of the total adoption “service” fees paid by my aparents to procure me — for the simple task of opening my file that I might initiate contact with my own mother. When they had time. This fee was a clear signal that only PAYING customers are deemed worthy of their precious time, and even after payment we remain their LAST priority — despite our having been, theoretically, the most important subject of their original transactions. CHARGE me? Charge ME??

    I suppose they think they “earned” that usurious fee by eavesdropping on and redacting the first half dozen letters between me and my mother. To stop the spying, she and I each had to sign notarized affidavits stating we were willing to share our personal information. And more affidavits on top of that for cheesy copies of my “original” birth certificate.

    Are any adoptees really surprised by the above blog post? Have we not always known where we stand from the adoption industry’s perspective?

  2. The issue is that everyone sees adoptees as “children” and not as adults. The agencies claim that they are helping children in need. Once we become adults, we only become a nuisance to their profit-making business.

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