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Adoption Initiative Conference at St. John’s University

For those of us privileged (or crazy) enough to be a part of the professional adoption community, many are preparing to attend the biennial

Adoption Initiative Conference at St. John’s University in New York City. According to the conference website, the conference objectives are to :

  • To address fundamental issues affecting the adoption community
  • To provide information and training opportunities for professionals about adoption issues
  • To encourage more research effort by the academic community in answering fundamental questions affecting members of the adoption triad; and finally
  • To provide a forum where members of the adoption triad can find valuable resources.

This year’s focus is “Best Interests of the Child?” Race, Religion, and Rescue in Adoption and promises an impressive panel of keynote speakers and presenters, including many friends and guests of Land of Gazillion Adoptees like JaeRan KimMelanie Chung-ShermanDavid Smolin and John Raible and Astrid Dabbeni.

Wow, a conference about adoption that features adult adoptee professionals. What a refreshing concept. And, even though Kevin won’t be getting his faced grabbed by Nancy Fox of AAIA, it still a conference worth paying attention to.

Way to kick ass, adoptee adoption professionals!

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