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Jenette Yamamoto’s Review of “Roots: Unknown”

Have you checked out any of the stuff on Watch Adoptee Films?  Give it a whirl if you haven’t.  Folks have enjoyed the experience.  Jenette Yamamoto, for instance, enjoyed Roots: Unknown by Zara Phillips.

“I loved it! What made this documentary special is that it showed raw feelings of both adopted people and their spouses. As an adopted person, I know that there are ‘open wounds’ of not knowing the truth about our origin that cuts deep within our souls, which most people do not understand nor comprehend, and it is profoundly explained in this film. I would recommend watching this video with your spouse because most likely they are also affected by our adoption stories. Most adoption agencies advertise that the children placed in ‘forever families’ will live happily ever after. This film confirms that this assumption is a myth. There is the ripple effect of loss from the core of the adopted person’s being that unknowingly transmits to the spouse and children. Adopted people have been severed from our family tree and we live for the rest of our lives without roots. We often do not feel ‘whole’ as human beings because of this. My husband states, ‘My eyes were opened to the great importance of having a supportive spouse who truly understands the pain of someone who was adopted.’

Thank you Zara Phillips, for your ability to communicate adoption-related issues through your beautiful music and video.”

Speaking of Zara, check out this nice little ditty she has with DMC.

1 Comment on Jenette Yamamoto’s Review of “Roots: Unknown”

  1. Thank you for sharing Jenette.

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