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Stream The Film Adopted Now/Announcing Watch Adoptee Films – making adoptee-centric films accessible to the masses!

Happy days!  Watch Adoptee Films, a subsidiary of Land of Gazillion Adoptees, is alive!  Check it:

To kick things off, folks who haven’t had the chance to watch the film Adopted are in for a treat.  You can stream it now for a very reduced price of $4.99.   Additionally, in the next couple of days, the film’s 6 educational videos will be up for your viewing pleasure.  And in the months to come, we’ll be featuring other films and also participating in the online portion of the Minnesota Transracial Film Festival.  Thus far, we’ve received confirmation to show The Invisible Red Thread, Going Home, and Adopted.  The online portion will run from November 12-16.

At any rate, Jared Rehberg and Kevin Ost-Vollmers, are so excited.  They’re living the dream of making adoptee-centric films available to the masses!

Reviews of Adopted

“Highly recommended and thought-provoking for all!”  – Hollee McGinnis, MSW

“…a moving and informative film that touches the heart.” – Dr. Joyce M. Pavao

“This movie is not for the faint of heart, but then neither are international and transracial adoption.” – Cheri Register

“Don’t miss this film! You will be talking about it and thinking about these real-life stories for years to come.”Amanda L. Baden, Ph.D

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