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We’re Kinda Busy At Land of Gazillion Adoptees

We here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees are fully aware of the fact that there are certain individuals/groups who don’t like us.  I, for one, also am very much aware that these folks/groups often dismiss me personally by making statements like, “He’s just a blogger,” “a blogger from Land of Gazillion,” etc.  Honestly, I chuckle when folks give me the backhand with these comments/labels because I wear my blogger status with a badge of honor.  Bloggers have been helping to lead the discussions in adoption for years, we participate in high level conversations, reporters turn to us for information, etc.  And frankly I’m proud to be one of many bloggers at LGA.  We’re pretty good at what we do.

With all that said, these folks/groups who attempt to dismiss us don’t see the whole picture.  We don’t just blog at LGA.

If memory serves me well, CQT Media And Publishing, LGA, and some awesome authors released a book last Friday – Parenting As Adoptees The book is creating a ton of buzz and garnering 5 Star Reviews.  Check it.

LGA Contributor/good friend Jared Rehberg and LGA are days away from launching the website Watch Adoptee Films, which will feature adoptee-centric films.

 First on deck is Adopted.

Second on deck may be Resilience and much, much more.

Three members of LGA are honored to be in conversation right now with numerous other adoptees.  The group is “this close” to announcing a national adoptee organization that will focus on high stakes issues in adoption, such as adoption disruptions and dissolutions, universal accreditation, original birth certificates, and adoptee citizenship.

AdopSource, AK Connection, and LGA are partnering this year to bring the Minnesota Transracial Film Festival (MNTRFF) to the masses.  For the first time, the film festival will have a physical component (November 10th) and an online component (November 12th-16th).  Check it.

LGA is working out details with a donor who has offered seed money for a 2013 conference.  The event will be held in Minnesota and it won’t feel like a conference as it features adoptee professionals, clinicians, researchers, educators, artists, and activists from across the U.S.

So, yeah, we’re kinda busy here at LGA and we like it that way.

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