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Representative Akin, Representative Freind, Adoptee Rights History

Representative Todd Akin recently appeared on television claiming that conception from rape isn’t an issue.  Per Akin, women who are “legitimately raped” cannot conceive because the female body, “shuts that whole thing down.”  There is no medical evidence to suggest that this theory is remotely plausible.  Of course, Senator Akin is not alone in his ignorance.  This recent statement of his has caused the media to dig up instances where other legislators have said similar things. One such legislator who is familiar to many Adoptee Rights activists, a flashback from the 1980’s, has been reappearing in the news for his ignorant comments. In 1988, Freind was quoted as saying,

“It is almost but not quite impossible to become pregnant on the basis of rape. The odds are one in millions and millions and millions. And there is a physical reason for that. “Rape, obviously, is a traumatic experience. When that traumatic experience is undergone, a woman secretes a certain secretion, which has a tendency to kill sperm” (source).

Republican Representative Stephen Freind served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1976 until 1993.  After the passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973, Freind made it his mission to limit access to abortion on the State level, making Pennsylvania the first State to attempt this.  Freind is most famous for drafting The Abortion Control Act.  Although this Act was passed in 1989, it was debated in court until 1992 when the Supreme Court upheld all but one of its restrictions to abortion access.  This Act influenced, if not sparked the trend altogether, the Pro-Life movement’s strategy to support smaller bills and legislation that limit access to abortion as an alternative to directly challenging Roe. How does this relate to Adoptee Rights?   Read the rest at The Declassified Adoptee.

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Amanda serves the adoption and foster care communities through individual and family clinical work, group work, writing and presenting, and policy advocacy. Her writing and presentations reach broad audiences through multiple books, magazines, news and radio interviews, and conferences, and she has engaged legislators at the state and congressional levels. Her writing and work focuses on the experience of being adopted, intersecting social justice issues, and adoption community centered & initiated movement toward positive change. Amanda is a Yahoo!Voices featured mom activist and is listed in the Top 20 Adoption blogs by Adoptive Families Magazine.

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