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Live From the ARD: Adoptee Rights Demonstration Day 1

Yesterday morning, I grabbed my bags and headed to the airport for the 5th annual Adoptee Rights Demonstration.

After touching down in Chicago, I was greeted at the baggage claim by this great sign.  I was also greeted by this terrific sign as well.

As long as it can take to get your luggage off of the carousel, I can kind of sympathize with the people who want to sleep.  After getting my hopes up only for said hopes to be dashed over and over as the first 15 black wheelie luggage bags that were not mine passed me by, I was never so happy in all my life to see my suitcase.  Soon enough, I was at the hotel with some of my Adoptee Rights pals.

The infamous sign-making party is where we go over the rules for the protest, decorate Jeff Hancock’s signature signs, and dig into some pizza.

This may have been the ARC’s biggest sign-making party to-date.  Thank you to Jeff Hancock for outlining all of the amazing signs.  It was a huge success and the signs were beautiful.  Jeff Hancock is an ARC board member and college art instructor.

Stay tuned for day two.

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Amanda serves the adoption and foster care communities through individual and family clinical work, group work, writing and presenting, and policy advocacy. Her writing and presentations reach broad audiences through multiple books, magazines, news and radio interviews, and conferences, and she has engaged legislators at the state and congressional levels. Her writing and work focuses on the experience of being adopted, intersecting social justice issues, and adoption community centered & initiated movement toward positive change. Amanda is a Yahoo!Voices featured mom activist and is listed in the Top 20 Adoption blogs by Adoptive Families Magazine.

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