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I have mad respect for the following folks, and they’re going to make the adoptee community proud this Friday in Washington, DC.  I hope someday that my kids will grow up to be as badass cool.  Thank you for all that you do Susan Branco Alvarado, AJ Bryant, Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter, Astrid Dabbeni, Farnad Darnell, Peter Dodds, Shannon Gibney, JaeRan Kim, Michelle Johnson, Joy Lieberthal, Kelsey March, Robert O’Connor, Sandy White Hawk, and Amanda Woolston.  You’re an inspiration to many.

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Susan Branco Alvarado

A.J. Bryant

Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter

Astrid Dabbeni

Farnad Darnell

Peter Dodds

Shannon Gibney

JaeRan Kim

Michelle Johnson

Joy Lieberthal

Kelsey Hye Sun March

Robert O’Connor

Sandy White Hawk

Amanda Woolston

1 Comment on Thank You

  1. I want to begin this comment by expressing my respect and love to all the delegates who are traveling to DC to speak on this important issue. You’re doing important work, and I’m thankful to know many of you personally.

    Thank you especially to Kevin Ost-Vollmers and LGA for spearheading this effort.

    I therefore want to make this observation with my hat in my hand. Not all of us who have been fighting in the trenches to stop adoptee deportations and ensure citizenship for all adoptees were invited to the table. But going forward, please make room for the following people and communities, even if it’s anecdotal as you speak on behalf of transnational/transracial adoptees.

    Please remember Russell Green and other fostered children who were sent to the US for adoption but whose adoptions weren’t completed. Please urge whomever you meet with to require the adoption decree OR the visa for the purpose of adoption (IR4) to be the determining criterion for retroactively awarding citizenship.

    For Russell especially and other adoptees who are in the removal pipeline, please urge ICE officials to grant deferred action. For Russell, this matter is particularly time-sensitive. His hearing is scheduled this coming Tuesday, July 31, in the afternoon.

    Please remember 12,000 Native American adoptees who lack C numbers and consequently US citizenship. Amending the CCA with language covering Native American adoptees will protect them from the REAL ID Act of 2005 and deportation. Leland Morrill is the adoptee expert on this issue; he struggled for over 20 years researching and fighting for his papers. Here is reachable through

    Again, thank you so much for your commitment and leadership. Best wishes to you as you speak with lawmakers on the Hill.

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