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Special Edition: “Talk With Me About…Everything,” Featuring Dr. Kim Park Nelson And JaeRan Kim

As great as it was, many felt unsatisfied by the Minnesota Public Radio roundtable featuring Dr. Kim Park Nelson, JaeRan Kim, and Kelly Fern.  So, Kim and JaeRan approached Land of Gazillion Adoptees to do a follow-up.  We, of course, whole heartedly agreed.  The results are fabulous.  As you’ll hear, Kim and JaeRan are on top of their game.


Park 1: The decline of adoption and the conflation of the Hague (8:57). 

Part 2: The financial underbelly of adoption (7:55). 

Part 3: Adoption based trauma, relevant issues for adoptees, and the adoptee community (15:51). 

Part 4: Accountability legislation and representation of adoptees in literature, popular culture, and film (14:16).

Part 5: Closing thoughts (2:25). 

1 Comment on Special Edition: “Talk With Me About…Everything,” Featuring Dr. Kim Park Nelson And JaeRan Kim

  1. Mary A. Coyle // July 20, 2012 at 9:54 am // Reply

    Kevin, this was a very well done interview session. It was thoughtful, informative and educational on many points. Thanks for organizing this.

    I liked what Dr. Kim Park Nelson about the movie The Blind Side. For our son this movie helps him and he still enjoys watching it. He finds some kind of comfort from it because I think he sees how much Michael was loved and included by his family.

    On another note, at a Barker Conference that was held here in the MD area, Barker hosted Michael Orr’s sister. I was very shocked at some of the things that she said about the adoption of Michael into their family. She even used the statement that “love was enough” for their family in accepting Michael. For the most part during this session, I think that she may have set adoption back many years by the majority of her comments. I will be very interested to read Michael’s book when it gets published.

    Thanks again, Kevin, to a job well done on this session.

    Mary Coyle

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