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Agencies – Who Needs ‘Em?

Not ass-kicking adult adoptees!

Please study this ass-kicking timeline:

Monday – The Daily Circuit on MPR, delivers a narrow, one-sided program about international adoptees. Angry adoptees and adoptee allies are unleashed.

TuesdayAdoptees continue to blast and bombard MPR about their shoddy journalism. The Daily Circuit asks adoptees to share their experiences on their blog. Adoptees post kickass comments.

Wednesday – A follow-up show is planned on The Daily Circuit with adoptees as the panelists!!

Thursday – Ass kicking continues.

I used to believe that adoption agencies shouldered the burden of creating balanced and comprehensive pre and post adoption resources. That because they brokered adoptions and collected the fee they should be responsible for dealing with all the other complicated shit that comes with adoption for the rest of my life (because that’s how long the adoption experience lasts).

Now I believe that agencies are not cut out do the work. As I pointed out in Tuesday’s post, adoption agencies are experts in the adoption process; not the adoption experience. They are good at bringing children to their “forever families” (can we get a moratorium on that term?) for a fee. Agencies don’t have the first clue about how to best serve the adoption community after the money is in the bank. To their credit, some agencies do try, but they often miss the mark or are just woefully inadequate.

Ass-kicking adoptees, this is where we come into the picture. Who better to serve the adoption community than those who are adopted? Let’s not waste any more energy on trying to hold adoption agencies accountable for providing services. Let’s just put our energy into doing this stuff ourselves. Let’s take/steal/win/earn the money that agencies would normally get for education and support programming and make our own programs. The ass-kicking timeline above is one small example of how we are our own best advocates and we can make our voices heard and impact the larger community better than any adoption agency.

3 Comments on Agencies – Who Needs ‘Em?

  1. gravatar21 // July 12, 2012 at 10:11 am // Reply

    A time that the ‘products’ from the business finally get to speak out!

  2. It is — and always will be — a glaring conflict of interest for adoption agencies to serve the community of adoptees. It is no wonder that the few who “try” fall so abysmally short of the mark.

    In the past, the onus has been on the adoptee for all the wrong things from adjusting (for instance, attachment disorder — a disorder of caregivers, not children), pretending not to be aware, pretending we have no other parents or family, pretending there was no trauma, parroting agency propaganda, etc., etc.

    Our only authentic onus should indeed be as kick-ass adult adoptees to take on pre- and post-adoption advocacy, education, transparency, services, mutual support… all those things that conflict with adoption agency agendas.

  3. Process is NOT experience. Not now. Not ever. Great work, all!

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