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We’re Funny, too

Yesterday, I asked, “Who Do We Think We Are?” and I hope at least one of the answers is comedians. Some of us are actual comedians (who are truly funny) and some us just need to break up the tension with some laughs.

Adoption is a serious world where kids are sentenced to death by adoptee activists and a person might still beat their wife, but I hope while we are getting our shit together we don’t forget to laugh at each other (to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously); I especially like to point and laugh at Kevin. And, laugh with each other, because where there is great sorrow, great joy can be found (I think that’s a quote from Kung Fu Panda 2 ^-^). And, if you can’t find a sense of humor, you can at least wear one courtesy of e-KADs.

So, while real, fundamental, lasting change is a goal worth kicking some ass for, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, too.

Everyone, what’s your favorite adoption-related humor? Below is one of my favorites. Thanks, Jessica Sun Lee!

1 Comment on We’re Funny, too

  1. Oh yes!!!It’s time for more humour!!!

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