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Thank you Katie Leo and Sun Mee Chomet

After being put on the waiting list, I was able to score a ticket for last night’s performance of Katie Leo and Sun Mee Chomet’s The Origin(s) Project: Memoirs In Motion.  I drove to Dreamland Arts a bit annoyed.  (I had got wind of some moronic adoptee news.)   On the way back I was emotionally confused.  So, I went straight to my favorite bar in my neighborhood, bellied up, and shared this Strib review on FB and wrote:

I’m sitting in a bar, drinking a really stiff beer, and trying to figure out why I feel as though at any moment I could start crying like a baby or pump my fists into the air, celebrating the triumph of two amazing performers. Folks who have tickets for the remaining shows are in for a treat. It’s rare to watch a show that “gets you.”

I stayed there for an hour.  Minus the random conversation I had with an old friend who happened to be at the bar, I kept to myself and allowed my mind to roam.  Upon returning home, I shut off all of the lights.  I curled up into a small ball in front of our living room couch.  I allowed what had been brewing under the surface to happen.  I wept.  Uncontrollably.

Katie and Sun Mee’s play is a gift.  It opens up your chest, gently grabs your heart, carefully brings it out into the world, and peels away the heart’s hard exterior that protects you from the rest of the universe.  It invites you to openly examine in a public space complex thoughts and emotions that are difficult to explain to others, as well as to yourself.  It allows you to feel okay for having these thoughts and emotions, which you keep locked away out of fear that even the people closest to you will misunderstand.  And for that I’m grateful.

Thank you, Katie and Sun Mee.

1 Comment on Thank you Katie Leo and Sun Mee Chomet

  1. Mary A. Coyle // June 8, 2012 at 12:18 pm // Reply

    Kevin, I tried so hard to get tickets to this play. I’m glad that you got to see, and wrote a beautiful blog about it. I still hope that they travel with this so that more people can see it. Or even record and sell it!

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