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Dear Adoption Establishment

It’s no secret that I’m an Angry Adoptee or that the adoption establishment annoys me, but I never set out to be this way. I once believed the message from adoption agencies and organizations that they worked on behalf of my best interest and those like me. However, I had to learn the hard way. The establishment’s concern expires with my 18th birthday. If I’m not a cute and cuddly kid to save, they don’t want to deal.

My experiences as an adult adoptee are not in their best interest (read: bottom line). My struggles challenge their status quo and so they use their power to ignore and marginalize me and my peers. My lived experience through their system belies the simplicity they continue to want to bestow upon adoption. This is why I am angry and annoyed. I never asked to be this way, but I can’t witness the things I have and not have strong feelings about the current condition of the adoption experience from the perspective of the adoption establishment.

All this general stuff to send this specific message:

Dear Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS – Tommy DiFilipo), National Council For Adoption (NCFA – Charlie “Chucky” Johnson), and the Congressional Coalition On Adoption Institute (CCAI- Kathleen Strottman) –

The decline of adoption is on you because you can’t do it right. You make the policies, you inform best practices and we get this:

Russell Green and this

Kairi Abha Shepherd and this, this, and this

Monte, Tim, and Matthew and ALL of this

Pound Pup Legacy

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been other adoptees working on behalf of these adoptees who were adopted through YOUR system. Apparently, if adoptees don’t work on behalf of other adoptees, no one else will. Especially establishment organizations with “adoption” or “service” in their name. But, ultimately, the deportation of our peers is not our cross to bear.

Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS – Tommy DiFilipo), National Council For Adoption (NCFA – Charlie “Chucky” Johnson), and the Congressional Coalition On Adoption Institute (CCAI- Kathleen Strottman) – Adoptee deportation is on you. It’s your oversight and therefore your responsibility to fix. If you don’t roll-up your sleeves and help those who are already assisting these adoptees, you will confirm the adoptee community’s suspicions that your care for our best interest expires when we can no longer benefit you.

As I requested yesterday of CHSFS, please, please, please prove me wrong.

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