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Adoptees in Demand

Adult adoptees are in demand! The following organizations are looking for adoptees to attend/participate/volunteer/have-fun-at/etc.:

Adoptees Have Answers (AHA) – Adoptee Mixer on June 2, 2012 at Metropolitan State University featuring an appearance by comedian Amy Anderson!

Via Kate Ingalls-Maloney, AHA Program Manager

Adoptees Have Answers and metroevent Metropolitan State University will cohost an Adoptee Mixer on June 2 from 4:30 to 8:30 PM. Tables will be provided for Minnesota adoptee organizations and other groups who would like to display informational materials. All are welcome to participate in an open mic with book table available for those wishing to take orders or sell their published works. Interested in screening your short film? Want to share a scene from your play? Dance? Make music? A full stage with video capability will be available. Please join us on June 2nd in Metro State University’s Founder’s Hall Reception Area and Auditorium, 700 East 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55106. Lot parking is $2.50; street parking is free. With questions about the event, or to learn more about performing, please contact Kate Maloney, Adoptees Have Answers, at 952-374-7187. To learn about Metropolitan State University, please email Maria Lopez, maria.lopez @

KAAN (Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network) – Regional Resource Person Team Member

Via Stacy Schroeder, KAAN, Director/President

To strengthen our network, we seek volunteers from across the Unites States and world willing to serve as additional conduits of information between KAAN and relevant organizations, businesses, events, and people within their regions. They must be committed to networking and staying abreast of news within their region and should check email and other communications frequently. Each resource person will be appointed by KAAN’s executive leadership and serve as long as is mutually agreeable to both parties. Regular conference attendance is not mandatory. At least several individuals will be appointed within each region. Click here for more details and application>>

KAAN – 2012 KAAN Conference Mentor Corps

This summer the KAAN conference is in Albany, and we are hoping to support more families – both adoptive families, and the families of adult adoptees in attending the conference. To that end – we wanted to spread the word about a new program for the conference this summer. To support our youth programming we have organized the KAAN mentor corps. If you know any older teen or adult adoptees who are interested in attending the conference – and interested in supporting young adoptees and adoptee’s kids as part of the conference – Please feel free to contact Martha M. Crawford LCSW (marthacrawford @ for more information about KAAN childcare, youth, or mentor programs!

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