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Recommended Links: The Daily Bastardette shows Nancy Fox of AIAA some love/Daniel Ibn Zayd’s epic critique of the use of the Qur’an to justify adoption

Marley Greiner of The Daily Bastardette has been kind enough to do a follow-up of sorts to my Some Random Thoughts About The Joint Council Symposium. It’s epic, and not so kind to Nancy Fox of AAIA.

Choice quote:

Kevin Ost-Vollmers’ experience with Nancy Fox exemplifies the problem those of us in adoptee rights, and ultimately Class Bastard and our families live with.  The angry adoptacrat.

Threatened by a usurpation of their social power and loss of status, internally and externally, as the arbiter of adoption, they obstruct all but unctuous attempts to bring due process, professional responsibility, and fairness to adoption except when they can pull the strings.  Everything from birth certificate access to reunion issues and facilitation must be vetted through their professional egos.  The people who cause the problems, expect Class Bastard & Families to let the them fix their good intentions.  In the vernacular, self-absorbed adoptacrats think “it’s all about them.”  If adoptcrats were children, they’d be sent to etiquette school or sentenced to a swat on the behind. (source)

Daniel Ibn Zayd of the artist collective Jamaa Al-Yad and fabulous Transracial Eyes sent me his piece entitled “Islamophobia and Adoption: Who Are the Civilized,” which has been picked up by Loon Watch and Dissident Voice.  It’s lengthy, but well worth the read.

Choice quote:

The concept that the orphan should be removed from a given community, however justified, only reveals the moral bankruptcy of those whose primary concern is, in fact, their own nuclear family, their own salvation that might come at the expense of others now “saved”, as well as what is left unsaid in these works: the desired conversion of the heathen multitudes; their civilization, modernization, and the end of their barbarian ways.

These ideas of who is “civilized” take on an Orwellian shift in source countries such as Lebanon, where the sordid history of children trafficked from the south and Palestine is starting to come to light. By my observations into paperwork in my orphanage, I can safely say that a full 40 to 50 percent of infants circulating through my orphanage were from Muslim families, myself likely included. Based on stories I know from other countries and locally, as well taking into consideration the Islamic concept of the orphanage, I can state that many of the parents of these children had no idea that they would never see their infants again. In this way missionary and classist disdain for the religion of these children and their families is a prime motivator in their being targeted for adoption/conversion in the first place, despite protests to the contrary. (source)

2 Comments on Recommended Links: The Daily Bastardette shows Nancy Fox of AIAA some love/Daniel Ibn Zayd’s epic critique of the use of the Qur’an to justify adoption

  1. declassifiedadoptee // May 3, 2012 at 1:11 pm // Reply

    I thought the rockstar adoptees and bastard gods descriptions were fitting for you! 🙂

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