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Land of Gazillion Adoptees contributor Nisha Grayson and her partner in crime Sharmilla Ray traveled back to India in March in hopes of connecting with her first mother. We chronicle her journey for you LGA style!


Checkout Nisha’s interview with Good Day Sacramento


The LGA podcast with Nisha a few days before their flight
–>Podcast: Nisha Grayson<–



Nisha and Shar from Dubai


Brad Lavery Video


Nisha and Shar’s first update from India


A FB update from Nisha”
“We were able to get a copy of the birth records for North Goa on June 11th, 1983… and I was not listed. Hmmm. I find that odd because I was able to get a copy of my original birth certificate. Questions, questions, and more questions. Will it ever end?”


Nisha and Shar’s update from the beach


Nisha and Shar’s update during Holi


Just illin


An image from one of the most important interviews

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