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Renegades in Adoption – Adoptee Rights Coalition

Cheers to our newest Renegades in Adoption nominee, Adoptee Rights Coalition. As an adoptee, I have mad respect for this group that passionately advocates on the behalf of adult adoptees to
“. . . give all adopted adults unconditional restored access to their own birth certificates.” Kick ass.

From Andrea: 

I would like to nominate the Adoptee Rights Coalition for recognition as Renegades in Adoption. They work tirelessly to educate the public about the need for adoptees to have the same rights as other citizens, especially when it comes to accessing their original birth certificates (OBCs). Every year the board of the ARC organizes a demonstration at the national NCSL Legislative Summit to promote equal access for adoptees. Anyone and everyone who loves an adoptee is welcome to attend.

2 Comments on Renegades in Adoption – Adoptee Rights Coalition

  1. While I’ve had this blog linked for a while, today’s the first day I’ve really got around to getting over here to take a look around, ‘n’ I’m just wondering if you accept nominations for your Renegades? If so, I would like to nominate the admin’s and/or the board as a whole over at as this is a highly valuable resource, chock-full of adoptees fighting all over the place to get various laws/ethics changed.

    Of course, if you don’t accept nominations, that’s fine too, and I realise that the admin’s/board may not fit your perspective of what should be included in such Renegades either, but I at least had to make the suggestion, and even if you haven’t been there before, at least you know where it is and can go there now, should you wish to. :}

  2. 7rin, we totally take submissions. In fact, we’ll soon be putting up a form for folks to fill out so that they can do so readily. Please feel free to email me ( indicating why you’d like to nominate the admin of the forum. Thanks! — Kevin

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