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Adoptee Knights in Shining Armor? The LGA Podcast: Arun Dohle talks with Kevin

After coming under fire after his podcast with Tom DeFilipo of the Joint Council, Kevin speaks with one of the critics and an LGA Renegade in Adoption, Arun Dohle, adoptee and researcher and documentarian for the organization, Against Child Trafficking.

Topics covered: Pound Pup Legacy, adult adoptee infantilism, systemic lies perpetuated by adoption agencies, David Smolin, child trafficking, Children’s Home Society and Family Services, kidnapping, Joint Council, pimps, elevating the adoptee voice, Korean adoption legislation, Hauge, Ethica, litigation, criminal activity in adoption

Arun Dohle Podcast

1 Comment on Adoptee Knights in Shining Armor? The LGA Podcast: Arun Dohle talks with Kevin

  1. Kathy Spedding (Sullivan) // March 28, 2012 at 9:37 pm // Reply

    EXCELLENT interview with Arun Dohle! What he talks about is TRUTH when it comes to adoption agencies and their *partners* in the various countries. Please interview him once or twice again to understand something VERY important that all international adoptees need to know, understand, and support his efforts. I am an adoptive parent with a now 39 yr son born in India. I’ve been following Arun since the beginning. I am trying to continue in supporting his work and expertise. Even before *meeting* Arun I tried in vain to get agencies to support the voices of adoptees and not just their own hand-picked ones….ALL adoptees… and the absolute #1 importance of their voices to NO avail. They also dub some of us A-parents as ANGRY and perhaps having been lousy parents…even to this day! And the same is still occurring on agency backed/adoption worker sponsored forums for PAPS and those with young children such as iChild (for India). They are very good at intimidation and insults. They prevent and ban a-parents like me and adoptees like Arun from even participating! I might add that PAPS and adoptive parents need to understand all of this, too. We ALL need to get behind and continue to advocate and support the adoptees’ VOICES! There is and has been adoption corruption going on for years and years…the falsifying of documents….the illegal procuring of children. Adoption can and should most definitely be included wherever their are reports and efforts regarding the trafficking of children….for the purposes of adoption. The bottom line is this: Until any a-parent or adoptee has met their natural mother in person (apart from any agency) then they will not even know for certain why it was that they even became available for adoption. And I do know cases of adoption agency workers/facilitators/orphanage personel presenting an internat’l adoptee to their natural mother and once a DNA sample was taken it was proven that, indeed, they were lying to the adoptee. How VILE is that? I would never trust an adoption agency to do birthsearching. Besides, if the relinquishment documents were false to begin with then what chance does an adoptee even have? Truth and transparency MUST happen in any adoptions. OPEN AND TRUTHFUL RECORDS!

    I look forward to when every adoption organization board or govt. entity has adoptees at the head and as the majority of their members.

    Thanks for all that you are doing in furthering this cause of adoptees speaking out. I VERY much appreciate it! I, for one, am 100% behind their voices.

    Kathy Spedding (Sullivan)

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