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Coming to a mobile device, smart tv, and computer near you…Adopted, The Movie!


The three guys (Jared Rehberg, Bert Ballard, and Kevin Ost-Vollmers) behind Watch Adoptee Films (WAF), a Subsidiary of Land of Gazillion Adoptees are SO stoked right now.  Soon and very soon, dear reader, you will be able to stream at WAF the critically acclaimed film Adopted AND the film’s six companion educational sessions, which cover the following:

intentions behind adopting;
parenting the adopted child;
the multi-racial family;
identity for the transracial adoptee;
tough questions;

Nice, right?  You know what’s even nicer?  The cost – $4.99 for the film and $1.99 for each educational session.  Can’t beat that…

While you wait for additional details, we encourage you to checkout the film’s website, which offers free video clips that cover a wide range of topics, including racism, fetishism, and loss.  Additionally, you can “like” the film’s Facebook page to receive other news.  And if you want to see the film immediately, you can download Adopted here.

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