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Involuntary Adoptee Immigrant vs. Land of Gazillion Adoptees

Kristin Pak of Involuntary Adoptee Immigrant is itching for a fight with Land of Gazillion Adoptees.

She’s picking us apart with nice smiles…and shaved ice.

She’s throwing it down with sarcasm.


Well, not quite, but today the opening bell at the NASDAQ was rung by representatives from the National Council for Adoption.

I guess as the ‘authoritative voice for adoption’ they are acknowledging the adoption industry is indeed controlled by market dynamics of supply and demand. How nice to finally some honesty from the self-appointed experts!

Soon we may just see a return to literally putting children up for adoption and having outright bidding on orphans again. Of course, this being the NASDAQ, the auction would probably be on EBay. (source)

She’s bringing it by talking about how much she hates LGA quotes.

Exceptionalism Revisited

I’m glad that the issue about adopted people being deported is being discussed more, but I really hate the rhetoric around the issue focusing on ‘legal’ or adoptee exceptionalism. Making exceptions for adoptees or for certain other involuntary immigrants like DREAMers, isn’t the answer. We need a comprehensive change in the immigration and citizenship laws that reflect justice and human rights.

In this entry from Land of a Gazillion Adoptees, this quote really bothers me… (source)

She’s kicking us where it hurts with insightful comments.

When we [adoptees] realize that we’re just average yellow, brown, or black people and not so special, it causes us emotional pain. When we face what our government is guilty of ignoring and perpetuating, it causes uncomfortable redefining of ourselves. (source)

The anti-immigrant tone of the nativist side of the debate hurts adoptees. Xenophobia does not distinguish adoption-based immigration from other family based immigration. Hateful rhetoric citing unauthorized immigration and undocumented foreign nationals creates a hostile environment for any immigrant who may “look illegal”. For those of us from Asia and Latin America, this is especially true. (source)

She’s…wait for it…wait for it…being quoted by others.

My struggle pales in comparison, however, when put side-by-side with the stories of adoptees without US citizenship or even a way to acquire them from within a government bureaucracy where they already exist. The stories of such injustice for my fellow adoptees fill me with anger and make it crystal clear for my activist and organizer heart the need for solidarity between adoptees and immigrants, regardless of status, regardless of age, regardless of country of origin. Deportation could happen to any of us, just as the circumstances preventing our naturalization could have as well.

As the elected officials ruling our government continue to lean further and further toward conservative and as debates about the 14th Amendment hope to spark a nationwide skepticism about who really deserves to be a citizen after all, I can’t help but wonder what will happen if this trend continues.

I’ll close with a call to action from the blog Involuntary Adoptee Immigrant:

“… The international adoption community should engage in the discussion about immigration. We should be activists and advocate for immigration reform that is fair and humane. We should demand reform which ensures a way for all immigrants to enter and live with dignity in this country. This includes authorizing the undocumented, creating fair family reunification legislation, and support for immigrants once they arrive here. ” (source)

Kristin Pak of Involuntary Adoptee Immigrant, since you’re begging for a showdown, Land of Gazillion Adoptees have four words for you.

You. Rock. Let’s. Party.

6 Comments on Involuntary Adoptee Immigrant vs. Land of Gazillion Adoptees

  1. You are both awesome.

  2. the problem i see with encompassing the retroactive Child Citizenship Act of 2000 in with the immigration law reform is that we are not so much immigrants… how many of us trans-racial adoptees even see ourselves as immigrants? It will be harder for adoptees to feel this way when we did not come with our families to the US. This is one law we need to become retroactive for all international adoptions no matter what year you were born or brought to the US. I applaud Kristin and her work on immigration laws and do see that we, as an international adoption community, can help change. but right now, i would really like us to focus on this one act to get changed so those adoptees without US citizenship and those that have already been deported can become US citizens and come home. I have not read about any other countries deporting trans-racial adoptees because they did not receive citizenship. have you guys?

    • Thanks for your comment, Hope. I am in absolute agreement with you. Kristin brings up very valid points, but I think getting retroactive citizenship is closer than we think. We just need to work with the appropriate individuals and groups. I personally haven’t read other countries deporting adoptees — KOV

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