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Attention New Yorkers: Join us for “The Best Happy Hour You’ll Attend On Tuesday, April 17th”

Adoptees Jared Rehberg, Kristin Pak, Bert Ballard, and Kevin Ost-Vollmers would like New York folks to join them for a two part happy hour.

Part 1: Meet at the DoubleTree Hotel Bar, Tuesday, April 17th, 6:30-8:00 pm. Why there? Because it may give you an opportunity to see “adoption professionals” in the wild. Apparently there’s a conference for “agency types” happening at the hotel or something. Who knows? If you’re an adoptee, perhaps you’ll be able to meet the social worker who was responsible for your adoption!  You could get an autograph!  Exciting!

Part 2: Walk on on over to the Public House.  Eat some eats, drink some drinks, and enjoy nice conversations with other members of the adoption community.

Click here to RSVP for this awesomeness.

We hope you come on out! It will be the best happy hour you’ll attend that evening!

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