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An Excerpt from “Joseph, No Last Name”

I would like to put it out there for the record.  Land of Gazillion Adoptees is not just me.  Without co-editor Shelise Gieseke (who by the way is a better writer), LGA would be a huge mess.  Together, Shelise and I take turns managing a “highly caffeinated” blog that is at times a bit of a beast to control.  On top of that, LGA has outstanding contributors, whom I greatly admire and respect.  Aaron Cunningham, who is not adopted, recently wrote a piece that became “red meat” for a number of adoptees.  Nisha Grayson is currently obtaining final footage in India for a very promising film.  P. Teal’s stuff consistently attracts a TON of attention.  Jared Rehberg writes, interviews, and is a business partner of Watch Adoptee Films, a subsidiary of LGA.  Farnad Darnell is a board member of Ethica, an organization that is WAY more supportive of adoptees than JCICS, NCFA, and the CCAI.  And A.J. Bryant, whose podcast moved me to tears, is recognized beyond the adoption community.

Below is the intro from A.J.’s “Joseph, No Last Name” which Open Magazine published over the weekend.  Enjoy, and I would encourage you to check it out in full.

Black aviator glasses hid the tears streaming down my cheeks. I walked zombie-like through District Hospital Three in Kottayam, Kerala, where I was born in 1979. I saw the Malayalam script written on the walls. I could not read a single word. I do not know Malayalam. In fact, I do not know any Indian languages at all. Neither do my parents. My parents are not even Indian.

As I was walking through the hospital and around its grounds, so many thoughts came into my head. ‘This is where my life began. This is the closest I will ever be to my origins.’

My name is Adam Joseph Samuel Bryant, and I was born in that Kottayam hospital on 27 June 1979. My birth certificate reads, ‘Joseph, no last name given’.  (source)

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